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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To be filed in the "I just want to scream" folder

I really have to get this off my chest even though I have no time at the moment to do any blogging. (notice I haven't posted for months)

(Nr. One)
Just heard this morning on some gossip radio program that Amy Winehouse set her hair on fire and that Hugh Grant had plastic surgery. (File this in under "So What !!" or Who Cares ??") It was also mentioned in this program that these juicy items might be hoaxes started by the tabloid press desperate to create new buzz for itself or perhaps some desperate soul's attempt to claim its 15 minutes of fame. Andy (Warhol); who knew at the time you said that, that you would turn out to be such a prophet? (You can also file this in the "Who has got time for this shit" folder)

(Nr. Two)
I also heard recently (on another radio program, by the way) that the number of starving people has surpassed a billion and that the annual defense budget of the world is somewhere well over one trillion. (I forgot the exact amount) (File this under "I just want to scream").

Is it any wonder that so many people feel helpless and don't know where to start? Anyway, need I say more?

I have this sinking feeling that most of the few people that will bother to read this post to the end will mentally file this in the "Whatever" folder. Sigh !

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