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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Tale of Two Presidential Candidates (Or simply two tales ?)

"Obama DNC Acceptance Speech"

"McCain RNC Acceptance Speech"

I have been fascinated by and addicted to so called tag clouds, mind maps and visualizations of statistics and other assorted abstractions for quite some time now. My guess is that's because to an information junkie and visually oriented person like me they are an interesting way to organize knowledge and information.

I came across these two tag clouds the other day, or rather word clouds since these "tags" are not linked to any pages, (based on IBM software) and I think they are pretty much self explanatory. The word that appears the most often in these two acceptance speeches appears in the largest font and so on down the line. Pretty revealing and funny too.

I have already had a lot of fun playing with this web based "word cloud generator"

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