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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where is our Canadian movie epic?

The other day I went and saw the movie "Australia" and aside from having some random thoughts (Hmm, Nicole Kidman really is quite tall and she really is still hot) and having some flashbacks of personally having wasted some time and grey cells in some of Darwin's grubbier pubs; my first thought was: Why are we Canadians not making our own sweeping movie epics, telling our own sweeping sagas of this great country. I am going to throw out out a few suggestions and ideas. Atom Egoyan!: Feel free to steel them. How about the drama of the building of the railway or the first crossing of Canada by Alexander Mackenzie or Samuel Hearne or how about the history of the Hudson Bay Company.

I mean, what is wrong with us Canadians? What are we waiting for?

Who else could direct our very own "Gone With the Wind", so to speak. David Cronenberg? Umm ... maybe better not. (The very thought of exploding beavers could get us in trouble with the Animal Rights people.)
Which Canadian first lady of movies could star? Deborah Cara Unger? Sarah Polley? The male lead ? Jim Carrey? (Let's not go there) Lol !!
Anyway, these are thoughts. Feel free to argue, support or slam me on this.
A couple of good web sites here, and here (the world's greatest movie site, imo) hey, but this is only a movie nut speaking here.

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  1. Rats, what happened to the title of my (second) blog. The first one doesn't count. And how come I can't seem to add more gadgets. (I am one of those redblooded males that valiantly resists the notion of reading instructions, so dont even suggest it. And when I tried to "tweak" the HTML code ( think I know how to do that) Blogger almost had a meltdown. Hey, what gives, Google. Am beginning to think I could learn Wordpress faster